Why do I so desire
to read this blog?

Because Yuri delivers tons of thrilling web dev tricks, solutions, and ideas directly into your mind. No one can resist such insurmountable mix of CSS, JS, and various back-end technologies. So there is no shame you submit too. Just sit back, relax and start absorbing this tranquil flow of enlightenment.

How to make “Fire-and-forget” HTTP request from Node.js without waiting for response.

Lambda functions at zeit/now v2 platform have default execution timeout 10s. Another limitation important to consider: – the process gets killed right after the response was sent. When you have a job to be done in the lambda, not required immediately to prepare HTTP response (e.g. writing log to the database) – it’s a good idea to send a response…

Show hidden part of truncated text on hover/touch

Here are three ways to show hidden part of truncated text on touch/hover without Javascript 1) overflow:visible Hover over or touch me to see the full version of this string. It looks like replaced by tooltip some other stuff Pros: No Javascript Good readability Small and simple cross-browser CSS code Easy to render. Contras: Need extra markup (inner span wrapper)…