PlanZed – welcome to my new project

Hi all, it’s a pity I have no time to share my discovering here more often, and I have so much of them!
I finished developing first phase of PlanZed project – cloud mind map app and it’s now available for free!
Welcome to try the app, I need feedback so much.
Here is in brief what do we have under the hood:

  • React – Next.js
  • Material UI as basement + I had to implement a lot of specific widgets
  • Hosted on Vercel
  • Mongo as a DB
  • No I don’t use jsPlumb – svg arrows are hand-written.
  • Pan/Zoom also hand-written (will have a separate post about this, don’t use css translate for pan, let browser scroll it for you, it’s much better!)
  • Built-in custom icons search from
  • I extented already existing in materialdesignicons keywords by synonyms using wordnet (thanks for ‘node-wordnet’)
  • The project is currently trying to support three languages, same icons search do – icons keywords, extend by synonyms, are translated using Google API
  • No images upload – it will cost for me to store / manage them, so later as a paid option
  • But there is built-in search of free photos from – in most cases that’s enough for mind map(they already support localized search)

Here is a GitHub repo serving as a community for PlanZed

Several screenshots from the project:

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